The Phony Cargo Truck Folly

    Because no one really looked at these tilt-up end dump 5th wheel trailers that have a round bottom from front to back to transport sand, gravel, or construction debris, Powell could imply the 35 ton cargo trucks were of the type used with a forklift to ferry dangerous WMD out to a hiding place. You could load pallet cargo onto a 5th. wheel flatbed truck with a forklift!   This is not a flatbed truck! I have spent over half my life around trucks like those in the picture Powell relied on. I know what is there. It seems Powell was kept in the dark and fed mushroom food on this issue.

This is not as simple as it seems as the design of the trailer is against such a use. The sides of the 5th wheel trailer are part of the truck bed, there are no sides to remove in order to load the bed using a forklift ! These trailers are suited for hauling dirt, gravel or construction debris loaded over the top of such a trailer. There is no part of the trailer that is flat on dump trailers of this design, the whole of the "trailer bed" is of round unibody design incorporating the sides and the bottom into one piece! Cargo would roll around inside such a trailer, and there would be no place to tie down such cargo. Moving any type of palletized cargo in such a manner would be dangerous. Moving WMD munitions within the confines of these rounded trailers would be courting suicide. Even if it were possible to stack WMD inside how would it be unloaded?

You would not dare to dump it out the end like so much gravel.

The phony shadows

On larger magnification of this image areas around trees are "airbrushed black", as well area around so called forklift. My kid could have done better with a free "paint" program! These poor quality "enhanced shadows" make it look like the time of day is early afternoon or early morning. Building on far left is missing corresponding false shadow to match that on trees and other buildings.

The false Shadows may have been augmented to hide true nature of "forklift" and other objects non comporting to The Secretary of State's presentation.

The Forklift looks like it may very well be a front end loader with a 3 to 5 cubic yard bucket !  No Forklift is of this proportion, but a Front End loader is.  Equipment in this picture is probably either getting ready to haul away some dirt or gravel from near this area, already had done so, or this is nothing more than a parking and equipment storage area.

Image of so called forklift and cargo trucks to move chemical weapons!

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