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1. Commander William Donaldson, crash investigator, USN Retired.  Rare interview concerning flt800 and the missile shoot down that was proved but never reported in so called mainstream media.  Commander Donaldson has proof that Bill Clinton knew at 1 am the night of the tragedy that 2 shoulder fired missiles were used to take down TWA Flight 800.
Commander Donaldson explains how an entire investigation can be controlled by as little as 1 or 2 people, provided that the political leadership wants it so.
Recorded off of a show broadcast on a community fm radio station in Tucson, Arizona, summer of 2000



2. Speech by Howard Zinn given at Tufts University, -what is going on now has happened before.



3. Actual ATC recording supplied by the FAA.

Is this recording "too good to be true" or what? Why no crosstalk, or heterodyne of signals? Should someone get an academy award for voice over, especially since the conversation by the "pilot" was logically directed to the passengers, and not ground control.....  The pilots microphone button switches between cabin Public Address system or the Aircraft Radio, but not both. For he who has ears, let him hear. Is it real, or theatre?


4. Some seriousness here, a protest song in
one of the only 2 kinds of music that thayre iz :)

"Just Who Would Jesus Bomb?"

Thanks to Dave VonKleist  from



5. Chicago Attorney David Schippers reporting he represents many FBI agents that have been hung out to dry, threatened, and worse. What did they do to get in trouble? Protecting the the U.S. of A. That's what! From The Alex Jones show,   in Fall 2001



6. Creature from Jekyl Island speech by author W.B. Griffin. Must hear! It documents the Creation via legislation, of the First Monopoly to benefit a select few. One of the First major acts of the FRB was to extend a ten billion dollar line of credit to France and England in 1913 to buy armaments. This was arranged by Paul Warburg, member of the Fed while his brother was chairman of the German Central Bank!

Is this the Fountainhead of Mischief?



7. Professor, Don Scott, Welk University (ret.)

Author of "The Unfortunate Skull Valley Incident", "The Brucellosis Triangle" , and "ALS"   Don's research started with his wife getting very sick from an experiment done on unsuspecting people all over parts of North America, using modified mycoplasma, a stealth military weapon tested on people that can result in Neuro systemic disease like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, MS, ALS, and worse. The Documentation was supposed to have been destroyed, but researchers found a treasure trove of secret documents in Canada.
"ALS" documents every single Gulf war 1 vet with ALS tests positive for Modified Mycoplasma.
There are no more secrets. There are some cures, near cures and treatments.
Scott belongs to an organization  called "The Common Cause Medical Research Foundation".
from The Alex Jones show in June 2001


8. John Taylor Gatto wrote a book about why and who modified education in America, -what must be done to reverse it.

 "Dumbing Down" started in the days prior to Woodrow Wilson, marked in a speech given by Wilson to the Oligarchs of that day.

"One Education system for the factory worker, A better one for Your children")

A free book is now available online,  "The Underground History of Education"


9. Attorney Dr. David T. Hardy, writes about the Militarization of Law Enforcement. David has written a book on Waco, based on FOIA evidence gathered from government sources only.
Dave's web site has much more.
click on the Waco button. 

From Charles Heller's show  Liberty Watch Radio



10. Humor and  from the Net. Ron and Nancy come clean.



11. Dr. Doug Rokke  Major, U.S. Army.  

Major Rokke, "The Army's Expert" on the Issue of Depleted Uranium munitions was tasked for cleanup of Spent munitions in the first Gulf War.  Major Rokke also has information on DU problems on U.S. soil, former Yugoslavia, Puerto Rico, etc. 170,000 troops exposed to a two hundred mile long toxic cloud of chemical weapons from the detonation of a huge ammo dump in Khamisiyah, Iraq .  
10,000 plus U.S. Troops dead from GW1. Over 169,000 disabled.

Over 1/2 the Canadian troops are dead from the first Gulf war.
From the show,



12.  The Deoul  Family wanted to help others know about a seldom reported experimental therapy that kills Cancer Cells without the toxic side effects, and reduces or eliminates pain associated with cancer in the body.  For less than the cost of a good Ten Speed bicycle, this nutritional supplement has been around since 1986 where a physicist successfully treated 30 patients, and a year later all 30 were cancer free.  He published, and then Died. Did the American Cancer society pick up the ball and hold further trials?   What do you think?

From the show,


Please see:

13. Mike Ruppert has some important evidence concerning  9-11. Kellia Ramares did a show on the Pacifica Network called "Guns and Butter" Powerful interests made sure "Guns and Butter" is No More. Listen why .


14. Mike Mc Nulty  producer of "Waco: The Rules of Engagement"  and other projects.
From Charles Heller's show  Liberty Watch Radio



15.  From:

Richard M. Stallman's speech, Copyright and Globalization in the Age of Computer Networks, given at MIT.

Richard M. Stallman gave this speech entitled Copyright and Globalization in the Age of Computer Networks at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts on 19 April 2001.

This speech is 1 hour, 50 minutes, 27 seconds long and encoded in Ogg Vorbis format. [ Download the Ogg Vorbis file of this speech (14.9 MB) via http. ]

Thanks to Mark H. Weaver and the MIT Communications Forum for making this recording.

This speech is:
Copyright (C) 2001 Richard M. Stallman

Verbatim copying and distribution of the entire speech recording are permitted provided this notice is preserved.


16.  Ezra Pound speaks

After decades of silence, Pound explains why He had to go on Shortwave Radio from Italy and speak his mind before war broke out in Europe. He felt it was the only thing an American  could do to stop the war.  Pound was detained after WW2 and returned to the United States to stand trial. He was found not guilty.  Pound was never charged for reading the Constitution via Short-wave radio from a foreign country as there was no Law against that at the time.

Pound was Gulaged in the late 1940's, placed in a mental hospital for 13 years against his will, for the non crime of speaking his mind. Where ? In the good ole U.S.A.



17.  Proof of Cold Fusion
On Wednesday November 24, 2002, Utah Public Radio
( interviewed Dr. Michael McKubre, Scientist
from Stanford Research International Laboratory in Menlo Park, California,
and Charles Beaudette, Author of "Excess Heat: Why Cold Fusion Research Prevailed"
The 52 minute audio file is here:
Man X from the movie JFK explains the score.
"The Authority of the State over it's people
resides in it's War Powers (Legislation)."
War is the ultimate mechanism to force
obedience and compliance. Without War,
people could not be kept in their place.
This has always been so,
As long as the State has existed.
More information at
Who was it that Fletcher Prouty and Victor Krulak
saw photographed in Dealey Plaza moments after the
Public slaughter of JFK? Why would the master architect
of numerous cover stories, foreign government Coup's
and Assassinations be strolling calmly through
Dealey Plaza before the blood was dry on Jackie's dress?
He is not alive today to answer the question. If he were
a rock star, back from the grave, what would he sing?
Channeled by legendary Rocker/Songwriter Len Osanic
of Blackopradio.
From the 1940 Democratic Convention Floor.
FDR makes a promise he already knows he will break in order to get re-elected.
See Page Two "Day of Deceit"
Is it possible major financial institutions have been literally gambling with the
money system and passing their losses on to the american taxpayer? Are said losses
about to overwhelm the world financial system?
Just How much Money is Thirty One Trillion Dollars?
Dr. Larry Parks of The Foundation for the Advancement of Monetary Education
By Jim Puplava of Financial Sense, a weekly radio program at



What is FIJA ?

This is an interview of Iloilo M. Jones,  Executive director of FIJA. -from the Jeff Rense Show.  FIJA stands for:
The Fully Informed Jury Association.

Here is FIJA's mission statement:

Our mission is to inform all Americans about their rights,
powers and responsibilities when serving as trial jurors.
Jurors must know that they have the option and the responsibility to render a verdict based on their conscience, sense of justice, and on the merits of the law. 

Appears Reasonable and Sensible to me. 



Vin Suprynowicz, interviewed by Charles Heller of Liberty Watch Radio at the 2003 Freedom Summit

Topics: Jury Tampering, The Constitution,  Rush's use of Hillbilly Heroin etc. 10-19-03

On live remote from the Freedom Summit this week with Vin Suprynewicz, editorial page editor of the Las Vegas Review Journal. Vin is a hard hitting story teller with two great books out,

Vin lays out abuses in government as only a sane an rational man can about the insanity's and excesses of government.




24. Another gem From

Charles Heller interviews two Friends of Liberty:

"Still on live remote from the Freedom Summit in Phoenix, I went out of format to stay with the topics of the Freedom Summit. The first half of the hour was with Peymon Montedeheh, the founder of the Freedom Law School. An interesting guy, he came to the U.S. in '77 from Iran, became a citizen, and then really started to find out how our system works. He now teaches others how to represent themselves when the system leans on those who don't deserve it. He's had some good victories.

Then the second half hour was a true joy, with Vernie Kugland, the Fed Ex Pilot who just kicked the IRS in a very personal area, beating them in criminal court by showing why she was not required to file taxes.

She is nothing but love, but I sure wouldn't want to end up in a principled battle with this woman of resolve.

This is a woman as comfortable left seating a DC-10 around the world as staring at the cold beast of governmental excess and taking command of both.




This is probably my most controversial offering to date:

The Bert Lee Show from December 2001 interviews Robert Stinnett, author of:
"Day of Deceit" -The True Story of Pearl Harbor.

You will be amazed at what that truth is. Our Country's leaders provoked the Japanese to attack  Pearl Harbor as a result of a deliberate 8 point plan to draw Japan into War with the U.S., so FDR could trick the U.S. into "Europes War",  against the wishes of 80% of the american people who had vivid recollections of the mayhem WW1 visited on their family and friends.  Something had to be done. Democracy was not working the way FDR and his sponsors wanted it to work. All the proofs for this book come out of U.S. Naval Archives as a result of FOIA requests.



Hold on to your hats!

I stumbled across a new web site  

They have a great radio program that is syndicated on am stations and short-wave hosted by author Michael Olson.  A very open minded fellow who likes to  allow all sides
access to his forum.  His program is called  "Food Chain"  which deals with the second most important factor in life, Your food.  Please visit his web site!

The guest is a Father, Dairyman, Author, and self taught scientist from England, Mark Purdey

Mark says:    It's not true!!!  Cows do not become mad from eating other cows. Cows, and other animals, become mad because their environment is no longer in balance. 
There are a number of traceable factors that contribute. Copper Deficits, overloads of toxic industrial metals etc.

At least, so says Mark Purdey!  

When your lawyer, and your veterinarian dies in separate auto accidents and your home is burned to the ground, is it a coincidence ? 

Terrorism ?



Another gem from

Charles Heller says:

"Liberty Watch Bill Scannell Bill is a former Army Intelligence Officer and a journalist who writes for The Economist, among others.

Bill cost Delta Airlines 60 million in bad publicity effecting their stock prices when he discovered their participation in a program called CAPS II to profile, rate and color code U.S. passengers as to whether or not they pose a security risk and therefore could not fly."



28.  Is The 9-11 fable getting thread bare?

You CAN fool all of the people most of the time:

At a price. At a price, The highest rated Radio Show in
a large metro area covering Toronto and Chicago
was killed recently. MOJO RADIO is no more.

See these articles:

Audio Interviews with Andreas Von Bulow.
As a former Cabinet level member of Germanys Government,
Andreas is well qualified to smell a "Black Operation".  Andreas contends 9-11 was an inside job like Pearl Harbor, or worse.

 Snippets of the archived MOJO RADIO killing show are here: 25 minutes

also hear yet another complimentary interview
with Von Bulow from Alex Jones  45 minutes



North Dakota ANG 119th fighter group, based in Virginia on 9-11-01

Two F-16 pilots were decorated for shooting down
flight 93 on authority of a North Dakota ANG General.
So says Donn De Gran Pre. Author and former pentagon arms salesman.
Interviewed by Alex Jones 2-25-04  75 minutes



Big Pharma meets Madison Avenue and goes to Wa$hington

Professor Huxley talks about the changes ahead
in society. Are we there yet? From 40 years ago.


31.  Rodney Stitch, The Real Item.

Whistle blower, Author on Government Corruption Rodney Stitch
relates the state of the Justice system, in specific,
-the two faced nature of the very same folk who crushed
Martha Stewart are breaking the very same statutes themselves
in covering up 9-11 information and blocking suits
to gather evidence, etc.  From The Power Hour,
March 2004.


  (Lyrics and credits)

"The Iraqi War Song"


33. The Ludwig Von Mises Institute Audio forums

Please donate to them.

A few examples. These are in mp3 format located on their server.