Note to myself:

Just viewed a longer version of the Apache clip at:

I was hoodwinked by viewing the video that had the
first minute clipped off. Hoodwinked for certain.

I have viewed the longer version about 4 times with different levels of brightness,
slo-mo etc. There is something resembling a rifle or a rifle in a sheath.
strings or cords dangle from one end as she carries it into the field.

It could also be an umbrella for use when the sun comes up to mount on
the tractor. The pickup driver is a woman, wears a dress well below
the knees.

A rolled up carpet, if these people eat on the ground at mealtime.

It was mentioned a prayer rug might have been dropped off so the
person could  face Mecca  and pray when the time came in the morning.

Who knows.

From the beginning:

A small toyota PU arrives, she gets out, talks to the thin man who was at the
large truck who walks to the toyota to converse.

She does a quick 360, looks around the area a bit, then talk more.
Then she gets the object out of the truck front seat, runs over to the edge
of the cultivated field, runs beyond the edge of where the tractor has last
made it's rounds by 6 to 7 paces, inside the uncultivated area.
Drops the object and returns to the PU.
The width of each cultivation pass by the tractor is about 2 paces.
She Seems a bit rushed, might be hiding something, the Apache Crew sure
was convinced, double triple convinced on more than caffeine I'd say convinced.
To be fair, they are hired to kill people and break things.

She returns to the truck, seconds later thin man runs out near the
area and leaves a thermos of coffee or something warm in the furrow
one row outside the edge of new cultivation (2 paces) thin man
returns, the tractor is still not back. thin man goes out again,
tractor must be getting close, makes quick gesture toward tractor with
hand, like "come on in" he runs back to PU, woman runs out to greet
tractor, thin man stays back half way. Tractor stops short of thermos
and suspect object by 20+ feet, woman greets man, motions for him to go
towards pickup, he exits and gets halfway across when he gets "smoked",
at the same moment she is checking oil or something on tractor, pulls
off her scarf and waves it almost twice when she gets it, thin man is
out of the view, he is picked up on later inspection by the chopper crew
near front right side edge of Big truck, Truck and thin man gets it,
thin man rolls in agony to right and is hit, They finish him off after
a few moments more as well the guilty Toyota PU. Christmas is coming.

The agents of Helliburton were probably justified in their Christian
Endeavor, since this was just prior to Christmas. The weapon, if it
is a weapon, is still out in the uncultivated area in the field
ahead of the wreckage to the left, ditto the short warm Object ( a
Thermos ? or a Greasegun? ) on the right.

I can only imagine if a young Saladin were to come up on this scene
of carnage and smoking wreckage, if the so called Missile, RPG, rifle,
whatever was still out there, I imagine he would have no trouble
figuring out who to use it on. I don't know if he could use an
umbrella or a prayer rug for anything.



What seest thou ?
    Watch it with the sound off a few times, only then, listen to the exchange between the agents of change.
  You might have to adjust brightness settings on your mpeg player, you are looking at HEAT versus cooler objects.
It is called FLIR technology.  -Forward Looking InfraRed.
I might add the light objects are hotter, dark is cooler. 

Tis not the kind of picture one is used to looking at, in more ways than one.  Clear children from the room.
My Observations:

   The tractor on the left is about 40 hp. give or take, the exaust pipe is left-of-center, hot as hell. The tractor has just stopped. 
The hand gestures are universal, unmistakable to anyone who has ever worked on a farm,
a civilised person (city dude) or a calloused gang banger might miss the obvious.  Too many Arnold movies.
I have sat on a tractor like this a thousand times. 
Tired, vibration massaged, hungry, greatfull to see my relief driver and eat some grub.
It could have been me.
Pop is being motioned to get off the tractor by a woman, She hops, skips, and runs to him.
(His wife? A Daughter? -"go over to the truck, dinner is waiting,,,") she then circles around
the front of the tractor, reaches in to check the oil,
 & perhaps is about to mount the tractor when Pop is "smoked".
She hesitates, confused, takes marginal cover, waves a scarf. I surrender?  
   Then she gets it. Next, the person by the truck is "found". Obviously, these are Terrorists planting wheat, or dare I say it, barley or oats.  No body armor, no helmets, no weapons are returning fire, they were unconcerned, going about an ancient business,
-feeding the world.

Trying to.

"Crime does not pay, Neither does Farming."  It used to be a joke. I'll no longer laugh at hearing that one liner.
   Note: See the contour lines to the right of the tractor? -the ground has just been turned over as the tractor has made several trips around the field, the warmest ground is directly behind the cultivator-seeder, or perhaps the impliment behind the tractor is a  harrow.
The view of the larger area must have been unmistakable, -a field with a pipsqueak tractor circling around and around, churning up
warmer soil from just below the surface, The sun has been down a while.

What were these chain gun maniacs thinking?   (Note to Phil: Enjoy your cheap gas.)
There is more, What seest thou?

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