If History and the Nightly News is “Cooked”

Where does that leave You ?

what is crypto trading Simmeringfrogs is dedicated to helping people out of the pot before they get cooked. That we are in a pot that is gradually warming up is becoming difficult to ignore.

For Millennia, man learned about Life and Self via Oral Tradition from people in small groups he knew and would be inclined to trust. Family. Clan. Tribe. Lodge.

Reputation has meaning when everyone has a visible history of one another. We have a natural inclination to trust, It is in our bones at birth. As our world evolved, institutions changed in ways that are not visible at first glimpse, or second. In our western culture, Trust takes a back seat to pressures, demands, and Enforced institutions. This was not always so.

Any individual with an ax to grind, or acting untrustworthy in a small group would reveal to all: The_Nature_of_the_Relationship.

In a small group it is easier to gauge who is truthful, and who is lying. Today's large group culture, people shrug their shoulders, resigned to their fate. We tell each other: How do you even know how to know what Truth is? This is Self deception. A defense against the onslaught on Harmony, Decency and Self Determination. So, does this mean, all we have to do is get small and things will get better? NO. The small groups of olde had skill sets that large groups today do not know to make use of. Perhaps it is more accurate to say that the large scale of Modern Institutions has rendered useless the social tools that worked in a small village. Essentially, we have lost touch with what is going on around us.

iq bitcoin The Good News is: If we put the tools to use that were set aside, our world can be a far better place.

Today's system of news reporting is flawed. Corporate News has many a hidden "sponsor" or owner that has conflicting interests that regrettably, can not be easily seen. When History or information is distorted, our ability to make informed decisions is damaged. Some history never gets to the public at all. Where trust has been assumed, damage can and quite often does happen.

I believe History can not be fathomed without learning about one's self and mankind in general, relative to how things used to work, especially small group dynamics.

Some people may accuse you of engaging in Conspiracy talk, -waved in your face like a talisman to scare away your inquiring sole, to keep you in your place. While it can happen, most people do it to them selves out of fear of what others might think. Very little external phenomena is involved: 7/8 internal, 1/8 external. I define the external influence as: The Herd mentality. We have been conditioned to think it is dangerous to form our own opinions.  What would a 3 time N.Y. Honoree of School Teacher of the Year Know that You or I don't?

Due in large part to "Cooked" history, Young people today are unable to protect themselves from being drawn into yet another unnecessary war. In the Nuclear age, protecting our Country is important yet, after studying history I cannot find one instance in this last century where War left America, or the world in a better, more stable condition. The Swiss employ a strategy that has worked for them so well that over seven hundred years has passed without them suffering (permitting) war. War does not suddenly happen, war is caused by the acts of men who erect scaffolding that create war.

day trade cryptocurrency Anyone can learn how to see the future:

Follow your feelings. Much of what you will hear is presented first person. Instead of hearing what some invisible scribe has constructed for a faceless interest on what passes for the nightly news, You will be drinking from a wellspring of information, closer to each source. Many audio interviews on this site are in a first person account or a person once removed who I feel you will find accurate and trustworthy. Turn off your TV, spend an hour learning history every day. Human nature is the only constant. By learning the past history of man, you can map what will likely happen. Those of us willing to learn from history will have the gift of a personal time machine that looks forward in time with a high degree of probability.

History and Human Nature go together.

I invite you to read an example that contradicts a widely publicized conclusion of a Federally Appointed Committee that generated false conventional wisdom. The Truth is quite opposite what Major Media still reports, despite repeated notice given to the major media, Years have passed yet the Historical Record has not been updated.  I will provide you with more Examples why I took the time to build this site. This represents what is going on in the our world, history wise.

I created this site to offer accurate History pointing to vital information that for whatever reason is lost. Sites marked with a (*) have audio content should you prefer to listen.

Yet another example: Allen W. Dulles said of the American People to the Fulbright committee reporting to the U.S. Senate: "Don't Worry, No one Reads Anymore" (IOW, Our dirty secrets are safe) "no one will learn of this, save a few historians." What was the occasion? Francis Gary Powers U-2 was NOT shot down, It ran out of fuel. On purpose. One could conclude the Official version has been a Lie for over 35 years. See:
Sabotaging Peace

That true story sits in the Congressional Record for the last 4 decades and not one person in the Media corrects this misleading history? Hello? Hello ???

Fine. In that case, We will listen, learn, and pass on what we know to the next generation. Perhaps in time, mankind will catch on to the lethal, destructive games being played at our expense in Civilization's name.

Me? No. It is my Great Great Grandfather Newel Butterfield Wilson.

War Hardened. Age 23. I bare his likeness minus that Civil War armor.

I came equipped with 'New and Improved ' Cold War armor !
Ever thought about the equipment that was added to you after leaving the factory?

Me? No. It is my Great Great Grandfather Newel Butterfield Wilson.

War Hardened. Age 23. I bare his likeness minus that Civil War armor.

I came equipped with 'New and Improved ' Cold War armor !

Ever thought about the equipment that was added to you after leaving the factory?

:. WriH


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