Are You Ready for Linux?

You will need windoze if you visit a lot of the online
games that use windoze specific features and won't run on
anything else, -then of course you still will need windoze
on a separate partition. You can set up your computer to
boot up Linux or Windoze.  It's called a Dual Boot system.

Mandrake-Linux makes dual boot and install easy. I prefer
MDK 9.2.1 for any computer over 500Mhz / 128M RAM.

Older equipment can still work using MDK 9.0  266Mhz / 64M RAM
a bit less software and device handling is available with MDK 9.0


If all you do is read and write email (mozilla), (there is even a
shockwave plugin for .swf files for mozilla/netscape,)

Or read a pdf file now and then (Kghostview)

Convert a M$ .doc file (Openoffice)

Or listen to .mp3 or .ogg files (Totem)

Manipulate graphical files  (The Gimp)

Need to burn CD's ? (Gcombust)

Then your covered with Mandrake-Linux 9.2.1  and may not need a usefully frustrating troublesome OS like Windoze at all.  You might want to Join Mandrake-Linux Club

Under Linux, installing an extra app like Realplayer is easy, here is what you do:

"su root" -hit enter
apply root password -hit enter

(  Download "RealPlayer-8.0-5mdk.i586.rpm" ahead of time to your
/home/rocky/rpm/ directory or other directory you make for storing
downloads. assuming you are in /home/rocky/ you type "md rpm" -enter
and now you have /home/rocky/rpm/ go to that directory
"cd /home/rocky/rpm/"   )

"Very much like Dos OS as linux and Dos are the black sheep of Unix,
an OS developed in Berkley with the help of Acid, so i'm told" It may
be true, or not, I don't know, but I would want Acid if I was working
for AT&T !

type "urpmi RealPlayer-8.0-5mdk.i586.rpm" -hit enter

or type "rpm -i RealPlayer-8.0-5mdk.i586.rpm" -hit enter

type "updatedb"

That's it.

There is even a great music file editor called Audacity
that is nearly on par with Cool Edit. I use it with an ess1371 card
to copy the mixer output and write sound files from any source playing
on Totem or Realplayer. Then I have a file I can compress into an .ogg

I even have WordPerfect 8 for linux working on my 9.2.1 box

My Wife loves Wp.

Another linux option is go to and download a copy of Lindows OS
for less than 50.00 . With BitTorrent there is even a way to get Lindows
for 25.00 . Join the "Click and run Warehouse" for another 50.00
and get all the software they offer for one year, installed on your computer
via a high speed connection with one simple click of your mouse.  The software is
yours to use, even if the Click and Run subscription expires later.

Here is the Kicker:

One copy of Lindows OS is all you need to have for ALL of the computers you own,
Ditto the "Click and Run Warehouse"

I trust you will do what is right for you.