My Favorite Books

"The Ring of Power"  By J.S. Bolen

"The Science of Mind" By Ernest Holmes

"A Pen Warmed Up in Hell"  Letters of Mark Twain.  Approaching the 100 th. anniversary of Twain's Warning concerning U.S. Imperialism.

"You have Planted a seed, and it will grow." Read it and weep.

"The Probability Broach" by L. Neil Smith    Science Fiction at it's Best

"Day of Deceit" by Robert Stinnett.  The True Story of FDR's 8 point ONI plan to Drag America into WW2 and discredit and silence 80% of the american people who opposed war, represented by authentic hero  Charles Lindbergh Jr. and others.

"This is not an assault"  By Dr. David T. Hardy  - Penetrating the Web of Official Lies Regarding the Waco Incident

Books for Kids of any age:

"The Wizard of Oz"  By L. Frank Baum

"Little Red Cowboy Hat"  By Susan Lowell.  Granny teaches her young'n to protect herself.

"My side of the Mountain"  By  Jean George  A young boy grows into manhood, learning about Nature, Responsibility, and Life

There is a Red Pill, and a Blue Pill. It is not offered to everyone, only those who want to learn how to pay attention.


Managed NEWS,  -a recent example:

"Economic Warfare" What is it? How it's done. Guess Who is the Target?  -by my Cousin:

Get L.Fletcher Prouty's book at Http:// on CD for next to nothing,
including hours of video and audio interviews. Site also has free audio downloads.

"WAR IS A RACKET" General Smedley Butler, USMC (ret'd)

Please note:

None of this is about Left or Right, Conservative, or Liberal.

The Horror of it is, This is about Increasingly Unbridled Power, disguised, but out in the open.

In a very wicked sense, It's just Business. You and I are the resource.

What many people are experiencing is called cognitive dissonance.

If you can get beyond the dissonance, You will realize a matrix exists.

It will take years for 9-11 truth to out. For example, Most people don't
even know about the 50% dead troops from Canada who served in the first Gulf War,
and that's been 11-12 Years?

How many 1st.GW vets Do You remember seeing on the Tube prior to GW2?

Ever wonder Why?